Your Hosts

DAVID ‘I can build anything’ Schade – David can be found out and about on the property. Rarely able to sit still for long David is the boss, the pontoon boat captain and winner of World’s Most Patient Human Being award!
CANDICE ‘just let me read my book’ Rogerson – Candice is David’s partner in life and business, and most summer days can be found on the office porch organizing and planning movie nights, campfire music, BBQ’s and other special events. Ask her- she can help!
LIAM ‘yes, I’ll do another dump run’ Clarke – Liam is the oldest of our kids still at home and hopefully he doesn’t move away any time soon because he’s very helpful cutting the lawns, cleaning the cottages and yes, going to the dump! Liam is also great at construction and is a fantastic musician!
TYSON ‘would you like to play’ Rogerson – Tyson is the inspiration for what we are doing at Andorra Accessible Cottages. Friendly, kind and unwaveringly enthusiastic you will find Tyson wheeling all over the property in his power chair or hanging out in the shade on the porch.